Friday, April 17, 2015

New Album Already Available Digitally

Hello Friends,

we're excited to report: our new album The Sea of the Unwritten is already available digitally, on iTunes, amazon, or right here, check it out:

The release of the physical CD will follow suit soon. Sign up to our newsletter over there on the right hand side. You'll be the first to know about when it's available! There will be a fun crowdfunding campaign to fund the replication, We'll bake amazingly tasty bread for and share our songwriting whiz with you.

May you be happy and know the root cause of happiness
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Short Bio of The Wilhelm Brothers

The Wilhelm Brothers – Folk Rock with Cello Infusion.

There was chemistry and musical sparks flying when The Wilhelm Brothers Chris Wilhelm (guitar/lead vocals) and Cristof Ensslin (cello/vocal harmonies/tambourine) hit off their first note together at a recording session for Trail Of The Lonesome Pine in early 2012. Since then, they have been sharing the same dream: to play for crowds of 10,000 and more. All their energy is focused on this vision, playing over 200 shows per year, which they did in both 2013 + 2014.

Highlights on their journey so far are recording their debut EP Lay Your Burden Down (2013) and upcoming full-length CD The Sea of the Unwritten (digital release April 2015, CD release planned for June 2015) with Henry Hirsch (most acclaimed for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Madonna and Vanessa Paradis) and Rachel Alina (credits include Pink, Katy Perry, Stephen Marley), releasing live CD Like a Bird in 2014, opening for Pearl And The Beard (as trio Wilhelm McKay), and receiving radio airplay including getting their own Pandora Radio channel.

Songwriter Wilhelm, originally from Hudson NY, and cellist Ensslin (from Germany), call scenic Asheville, North Carolina, their home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Playful April

In an attempt to make a fun rhyme this blog title came about. Did it work? :-) Whether yes or no, here's where we'll make you smile for sure this month of April (and a little beyond):

Sat 4/4, 1pm, free: South Creek Winery Nebo NC
Thu 4/16, 12pm, free: WDVX Blue Plate Special Knoxville TN
Fri 4/17, 3pm, private show in Morristown TN
Fri 4/17, 10pm, free: Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria Maryville TN
Sat 4/18, 7pm, $5: The Bunk House Bull's Gap TN
Sun 4/19, 12pm, free: The Phoenix Brevard NC
Sun 4/19, 12pm, pay-what-you-like ($1+): WWW
Wed 4/22, 3pm, private show in Greensboro NC
Thu 4/23, 2pm, private show in High Point NC
Thu 4/23, 6.30pm, private show in Durham NC
Fri 4/24, 6pm, free: Early Mountain Vineyards Madison VA
Sat 4/25, 8pm, free: The Eddy Pub Saxapahaw NC
Sun 4/26, 1pm, free: Muddy Creek Cafe Winston-Salem NC
Wed 4/29, 5.30pm, free: Terrapin Beer Co. Athens GA
Thu 4/30, 10pm, private show in Atlanta GA
Fri 5/1, 6.30pm, free: Smiley's Acoustic Café Greenville SC
Sat 5/2, 7pm, free: Iron Horse Station Hot Springs NC
Sun 5/3, 9.30pm, free: Town Pump Tavern Black Mountain NC

To good times
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Photo by Duane Pandorf (Thanks, Duane!)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

On Tour to Make You Smile in March

March is always so wonderful. Officially, the winter is over, so let's celebrate! Let's celebrate together! Here's where:
Thu 3/5, 6pm, free: The Rusty Rudder w/ The Toothe, Mt. Pleasant SC
Sat 3/7, 1.15pm: Charleston Wine + Food, Charleston SC
Sat 3/7, 4pm, free: Palmetto Brewery, Charleston SC
Thu 3/12, 7.15pm: Private Show in Kingsport TN
Fri 3/13, 10.30am: Private Show in Kingsport TN
Fri 3/12, 5pm, $25: Benefit for Food Connection Altamont Theatre Asheville NC
Thu 3/19, 9pm, free: Altamont Brewing Co. w/ Michael Martin Band, Asheville NC
Fri 3/20, 6pm, free: Oskar Blues w/ Dina Hornbaker, Brevard NC
Sun 3/22, 10pm, free: Jack of the Woods, Asheville NC
Mon 3/23, 8pm, free: The Phoenix, Brevard NC
Mon 3/23, 8pm, pay-what-you-like ($1+): live stream from The Phoenix onto your online device thru, WWW
Tue 3/24, 3pm: Private Show in Hendersonville NC
Tue 3/24, 8.30pm, free: Recreation Billiards Winston-Salem NC
Thu 3/26, 9pm, $1: Mangia Lynchburg VA
Sat 3/28, 1pm, free: Early Mountain Vineyards Madison VA
Sun 3/29, 3pm, free: Uptown Coffee Farmville VA
Sun 3/29, 9pm, free: Fellini's #9 Charlottesville VA
Tue 3/31, 8.30pm, free: Recreation Billiards Winston-Salem NC
Our new album is coming out soon, we'll play you songs from it and more brand new tunes. It's our best stuff yet!
See you soon
The Wilhelm Brothers
- Chris and Cristof

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Go-Between (Song and Lyrics)

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She handed me a ticket
To watch the show for free
She knew I was under construction
She said that was okay
She said there's space in the middle
For a go-between

Now the waiter looked nervous
Knew things were going down
Sat by his favorite painting
With the eyes looking down
And she looked worried
'Cause mercury's in retrograde

So please don't panic
Love is a gamble they say
It's just a four-letter word
With a lot of pranks and escapades

I thought the party was over
My weariness is taking over
I started filling the evening
With banter and wit
She said here comes the soup
And you better taste it
I said 'oh my God'
I just can't believe it
And she said 'what'
There's frolic on the jukebox
She said 'No-one in this world
Should have to dance alone'

So please don't panic
Love is a gamble they say
It's just a four-letter word
With a lot of pranks and escapades

Now the place is getting empty
And the beer was pouring out slow
I swear I just saw Marco Polo
Along with Van Gogh
The next day I felt so low
'Cause I left without my favorite hat
And she was mad
Another stain in her Cadillac
But I could not regain my strength
To tell her I needed her back
She said 'better luck next time'
'Cause the game is over

So please don't panic
It's just not the season
Love is a four-letter word
With no rhyme or reason

All rights by songwriters Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin, and publisher The Wilhelm Brothers LLC

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shows in February

Do you know you are loved? Yes, that's right, by us, that is. We'd love to see you again, so here is our show schedule for this wonderful month of February (public ones for you to easily attend are in bold):

Sun Feb 15th, 12pm, free: The Phoenix in Brevard NC
Sun Feb 15th, 12pm, Pay-what-you-like ($1 min.): livestream online
Thu Feb 19th, 2pm: Private Show in High Point NC
Fri Feb 20th, 3:30pm: Private Show in Raleigh NC
Fri Feb 20th, 8pm, free: Mystery Brewing Company in Hillsborough NC
Sat Feb 21st, 3pm: Private Show in Apex NC
Sat Feb 21st, 8pm, free: Niche Wine Lounge in Holly Springs NC
Sun Feb 22nd, 11am, free: Johnny's Gone Fishing in Carrboro NC
Mon Feb 23rd, 7pm: Private Show in Hendersonville NC

Happy Winter, may you stay warm and healthy and happy
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Endless Skyway (Song and Lyrics)

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There’s a lot of people talking
About what I do not know
Are they waiting for redemption
Or are they just waiting for a call?
I look forward to the woods
For a little peace of mind
It’s getting harder and harder
To live off the line.

All these trials of endurance
The hustler overworked
The thief over the orphan
I keep hitting the same old walls.

Day after day
They call it the same old thing
The endless skyway
That leads to everything.

Lo and behold!
It's not as hard as you think
There is room for vision
With the eyes of a child.

You can dance, you can sing
You can do most anything


And I keep painting pictures
With words and sounds I've never heard
I wish a song
Could still change the world - oh yes it can!

-Chorus 3X-

All rights by songwriters Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin, and publisher The Wilhelm Brothers LLC