Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Topography (Official Video and Lyrics)

Aaahhh, finally a love song...

Click the Play-Button below to see our brand new official music video to the track Topography in full length for free. Scrolling down further you'll find the lyrics.

Download Topography for just 99¢

Here are the song lyrics for you to sing along:

Searching, I was searching
For someone like you..
A moving arrow, over to the waterfall
How did you lift this fog?
Were you racing with the hawks?

Across the seven seas
A mountaintop home
You’ll be so happy
On a hill far away….

Rainbows, she kept giving me rainbows
The cloud swirl around the sun
One or the other is going to happen…

Memories, all these sweet memories
Let’s fix things ’til their broken
So we can start anew

I was lost, I was lost
I didn’t know what the morning should look like
And these people are so funny
They roll around like ants
But in the end, where have you been
My blue-eyed one
Soft silly music is so meaningful

I stood on a cliff, with the wind in my face
It was stronger than me, but it did not win
I was so alive
Yeah I was so alive

I kissed your mouth, you had paper lips
We chased away the loneliness
I could taste your fire
Yeah I could taste your fire

The fire throwers lit up the streets for you
The lions bowed their heads for you
Like sand clocks in a blizzard
Now that the storm is gone

I want to fly in your silver ship
Throwing dreams off into the sea
Counting coffee beans
With the insects and the trees

Everything looks so different


Song written by Chris Wilhelm, published by The Wilhelm Brothers LLC

Download Topography for just 99¢

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Ending

Dear Friends!

Just last week we decided to take a break for an indefinite period of time from The Wilhelm Brothers project. Our frontman Chris Wilhelm has started a promising new music project: writing and performing with Kim Smith (another singer-songwriter from Asheville). As for cellist Cristof: He had started a business consulting and financial programming company on the side a few years ago. It has been breaking through in the second half of 2015, which of course he is very grateful for, but which needs all his attention now. So, we decided to leave on a high note and go separate ways professionally. 

For starters, Chris and Kim have put out a few demo videos of playing together: check 'em out on Chris' YouTube-channel. The two of them would love to play for you! Send your booking request to Chris directly under cjwilhelm74@gmail.com.

What a blast we've been having for the last three years, touring vast parts of the Eastern US, playing for many many people, touching your hearts, surfing couches, making friends, gaining fans - hey, even superfans! 

We are so grateful for all your love and support throughout these blissful months and years. YOU made all of this possible, and we are eternally thankful for YOU!

As for a final highlight of The Wilhelm Brothers: one more time, we'll be on stage together end of this month. A dream of ours is coming true: we'll be playing one of Asheville's finest music venues, the Grey Eagle! Come see us there as part of a benefit concert for Asheville's FOOD CONNECTION: Feb 27, doors open at 5pm, music from 6-11pm, with jaw-dropping headliners LYRIC and Red Honey, as well as many other wonderful local music acts. Get your tickets now while they're still available by clicking here.

Every ending is a new beginning
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

PS: You can still tune into our station on Pandora, stream our songs on Spotify, download single tracks on iTunes or order CD's from CDBaby. Thank you for your support!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Virginia and North Carolina

We're wishing Y'all a successful, healthy and happy new year 2016. Hopefully you had a great start into it and we'll see you again soon. We'll be on tour through Virginia and North Carolina in January to play music for you:

1/23, Sat, 8.30pm, free: Spring Creek TavernHot Springs NC
1/28, Thu, 7pm, free: Chesterfield County Public Library, Chesterfield VA
1/29, Fri, 3.30pm, private show in Wake Forest NC
1/29, Fri, 8pm, free: Niche Wine Lounge, Holly Springs NC
1/30, Sat, 3.30pm, private show in Raleigh NC
1/30, Sat, 7pm, free: The Eddy Pub & Restaurant, Saxapahaw NC
1/31, Sun, 1pm, private show in Apex NC

Stay warm, healthy, and happy
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trees Don't Stand Still (Album Track and Lyrics)

They may not be walking anywhere anytime soon, but they for sure don't stand still either: trees. Swaying in and dancing with the wind. Don't you think it's a nice metaphor?

Click the Play-Button below to listen to the track Trees Don't Stand Still in full length for free. Scrolling down further you'll find the lyrics.

We hope you like this song. We intended to create a timeless work of music, following recording and sound references of Neil Young, The Beatles and the like. The whole album was recorded on a beautiful 24-track tape machine, with the incredible work of producer and bassist Henry Hirsch (most acclaimed for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Vanessa Paradis), engineer Rachel Alina (credits include P!nk, Katy Perry, Stephen Marley) and drummer Ernesto Karolys (he's played on Letterman with First Aid Kit!). It was released this April on iTunes and other digital music platforms, and came out as CD this August.

Download Trees Don't Stand Still for just 99¢

Here are the song lyrics for you to sing along:

The truth always happens in doorways
And time is but a thief
And there’s nowhere to go but everywhere
Those are the silliest shoes in America

Winds of change are coming
Maybe they’re already here
Life is but a dream
Trees don’t stand still
At the end of the road

And I don’t know where I am tonight
Dressed in hobo rags
And the streets are drenched with longing
And all kinds of fancy hats
And we move from town to town
Digging up the underground
Losing space and time
But not in any line


And I’ve done my best here
In this mad old little world
And I’m letting myself go blue
With this hunger for you

Sometimes things are just moments
And then they disappear
If time is but a shoreline
The ocean don’t care
At the end of the road

Song written by Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin, published by The Wilhelm Brothers LLC

Download Trees Don't Stand Still for just 99¢

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Holidays, Hot Springs, Bye Tyler

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to Y'All. We're going to be busy celebrating ;-) so we have only a few shows in December. Come see us in Hot Springs NC, we'll be performing as the original cello-guitar duo only:

12/3, Thu, 1.30pm: private show in Hendersonville NC
12/5, Sat, 8.30pm, free: Spring Creek TavernHot Springs NC
12/18, Fri, 7pm, free: Iron Horse StationHot Springs NC

On another note, we had to part with our drummer Tyler, as he needs his time and obvious front-man-talent to create his own band. He's going to be awesome, we know that and are eager to follow his path!

Thank you Tyler for the fun times and great music played together!

Y'All: Stay warm, healthy, and happy
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Live on TV, Interview and Performance

Thank you, WLOS ABC Channel 13, for having us on the morning news this morning. What a lovely and fun little interview and performance, check it out:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TN, NC, SC in November

Check out our show schedule for November. We're coming through TN, NC and SC. Come see us at one of these shows:

11/5, Thu, 7.15pm, full trio: private show in Kingsport TN
11/6, Fri, 10.30am, full trio: private show in Kingsport TN
11/6, Fri, 10pm, free, full trio: Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria in Maryville TN
11/7, Sat, 2pm, full trio: private show in Morristown TN
11/7, Sat, 7pm, free, cello-guitar duo: Iron Horse Station, Hot Springs NC
11/9, Mon, 7pm, full trio: private show in Hendersonville NC
11/12, Thu, 5.30am, full trio: morning show segments WLOS (ABC channel 13)
11/12, Thu, 8pm, free, full trio: The PhoenixBrevard NC
11/17, Tue, 12.15pm, free, full trio: Blacksburg Branch Library, Blacksburg SC
11/20, Fri, 7pm, free, cello-guitar duo: Iron Horse StationHot Springs NC

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris, Cristof and Tyler

The Wilhelm Brothers on the morning news