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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Asheville's Sunniest and Most Smiling Band

We love playing music. You probably know that already, if you've seen one of our shows.

One of our favorite places in Asheville, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, has just flatteringly described us as "The sunniest and most smiling band in Asheville" - well, we say


to that :-) and keep on smiling...

Love from The Hop Ice Cream Cafe in Asheville

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Online Benefit Concert

All Proceeds to Help Pay Medical Bills

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join the fun: we're doing a special live webcast on Concert Window at 4pm EDT
this Sunday afternoon. We'll be playing new songs, taking requests, and answering YOUR questions in real time! Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in. You can purchase online tickets Pay-what-you-like and be a part of it at The webcast will not be taped – it's offered in real time. We hope you can join us!

All proceeds we'll pass on to our friend Paul from Brevard. Paul appreciates our and your help to pay for medical bills after chemo and radiation. He'll need additional chemo and stem cell therapy soon and is going to need all the support he can - be it financially or emotionally. He's a tough and strong guy, dedicated to fight and live through this! We believe in him.

Thanks for helping
The Wilhelm Brothers - Chris and Cristof

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Show Schedule

Dear Friends,

September 4th is our big CD release day -
our live EP Like A Bird is coming out, it's already on presale on iTunes!

A big THANK YOU to all who helped: and all backers, and - as you can see in the picture
- Joyce Thornburg and Andrea Kulish for the cover art and design. Doesn't it look great?

You are warmly invited to our September shows:

Mon 9/1 1pm Democracy Vineyards Lovingston VA
Thu 9/4 12pm official CD release WDVX Blue Plate Special Knoxville TN, on air, online
Thu 9/4 3pm Private Show Morristown TN
Thu 9/4 7pm CD release party The Bunk House Bulls Gap TN
Fri 9/5 7pm Frog Level Brewing Waynesville NC
Sat 9/6 2pm Hightower Creek Vineyards Hiawassee GA
Sun 9/7 4pm Benefit Show on worldwide on your web-device
Tue 9/9 7pm The Hop on Merrimon Asheville NC
Wed 9/10 6pm Iron Horse Station Hot Springs NC
Fri 9/12 7pm Transylvania County Library Brevard NC
Sat 9/13 4pm Shining Rock Riverfest Canton NC
Fri 9/26 7pm Polliwogs Columbia SC
Sat 9/27 7pm M.A.D. Studios Augusta GA
Mon 9/29 7pm Evening Muse Charlotte NC
Tue 9/30 8.30pm Recreation Billiards Winston-Salem NC

Thank you for listening, we love playing music for you!

The Wilhelm Brothers
-Chris and Cristof

Sunday, August 24, 2014

So Long, Robin Williams (Performance and Lyrics)

So long, Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we've never met

You get the whole world laughing
Under the sun's golden grace
Even the moon rises and falls
I remember where I was that day

We pass through moments of greatness
Their shadows we cannot escape
You're probably writing new jokes now
Flying high avove

So long, Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we've never met

The wandering trail of imagination
No one had a bad word to say
You give your time so graciously
Not thinking twice about a good cause

So, long live Mrs. Doubtfire,
The World According to Garp
It's true, sometimes I don't even recognize
This world myself

Long live Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we've never met

The music of birds
The blue sky so perfect
The only normal you'll find
Is the setting on a washing machine

My thoughts are like race cars
And I feel sad on this day
You keep the whole world laughing
Under God's golden grace

Farewell, Robin Williams
May you find a peace of mind
I feel like I knew you
even though we've never met

Long live Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we've never met

Writers: Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin; Copyright: The Wilhelm Brothers LLC

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Made It!

Dear Friends and Fans,

With your awesomeness and generousity, the CD Release project "Like A Bird - Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special" is HAPPENING! Let's get the citrus juicer out, pop open some oranges, and celebrate!!!

This is great Y'All, we LOVE YOU! Thank each one of you ever so much for supporting us all the way, whether by backing the kickstarter campaign, sharing it with friends or wishing us well. This means a lot to us: that we can continue our musical journey with a great new product in hand, bring songs and stories from town to town, and make people smile. That's what we love doing most!

And - it looks like we're opening a bakery... ;-) Or at least we'll have a baking party some time soon, to fill all the bread and cake requests!

Plus, Chris is jazzed up about the upcoming songwriting sessions with y'all SONGWRITER backers.

With immeasurable gratitude in our hearts
The Wilhelm Brothers -Chris and Cristof

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Live CD to Be Released September 4th

Like A Bird - Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special

Fans & friends asked for "our sound" many a times, so we are mastering & releasing a recording of a hi-energy 5-song live radio show

Once upon a time, there was a folk rock with cello-infusion duo. They toured throughout the Eastern United States, bringing their music to the people. While playing well over 200 shows in 2013, they made countless people smile. 2014 looks pretty similar in terms of number of live performances. The number of folks touched by laughter and perhaps even happiness seems to be increasing.

At several of our shows, we, The Wilhelm Brothers, who above story is about, were asked for recordings of our live shows. High-quality, of course, in terms of recording as well as performance. Our listeners seem to really want to take our energy-laden performance home with them.

While we're very grateful to be so kindly asked, we do want to deliver! The release is going to be called "Like A Bird - Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special".

A radio performance from April 2013, that had been recorded, we found to be really awesome and great. The performance was super high-energy, the (pretty large) audience fully present and amazingly appreciative, and the WDVX staff did a stellar job mixing and recording.

The next step was to have the songs mastered. We were able to win Rachel Alina (credits: Birdie Busch, John Francis, MIKA, Katy Perry) to do the job. She had already mastered our debut EP Lay Your Burden Down. Rachel has once again proven her fantastic ear and feel for our music, we're extremely happy.

The songs are: 1. Endless Skyway 2. The Go-Between 3. Like A Bird 4. Dare To Dream 5. Ain't No Way Tired. Release date is September 4th, 2014; the official release will happen appropriately on yet another appearance on WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon that day. In the evening, we'll have the CD release party at one of our favorite venues: The Bunk House in Bulls Gap TN.

Would you lend us a hand for getting the project done by backing our Kickstarter-Campaign?

Recording (meaning driving to and back from Knoxville) as well as mastering we were able to finance ourselves already. Now, we need your help in funding the remainder of the project budget. It totals approximately $1,950 and consists of:

  • replication of 1,000 CD's and covers and set up of digital distribution (~$1,350)
  • shipping costs for promo and delivery to backers (~$400)
  • kickstarter and amazon payments fees (~$200)

You can sign up to some great rewards to enjoy in exchange for “backing” our project and thus ultimately us. You can get a German style bread baked by Cristof, or songwriting help by Chris. Take a peak and pick here :-)

Can you do us a favor and tell your friends about us, too?

Thank you so much for all the love and support you've already sent our way. We truly love you! We're very grateful you help us being on the path of the folk musician, living our dream, doing what we love.

May you always be smiling, and find and have true inner happiness

The Wilhelm Brothers -Chris and Cristof

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Show Schedule

Dear Friends, Fans and Supporters,

Exciting news: we're about to release a new Live EP - recorded last year at a WDVX Blue Plate Special show. It's an awesome representation of our sound, we believe. If you love our live show, you'll love the CD, so we hope!

More info we'll share in just a few days, so sit back, relax, sip tea or coffee, or whatever else "blows your hair back" (South African for "rocks your world" or "floats your boat").

You are invited to come see and hear us play for you this wonderful month of August:

Fri 8/1 7.30pm Sola Coffee Cafe in Raleigh NC
Sat 8/2 8.30pm Niche Wine Lounge in Holly Springs NC
Tue 8/5 10am Private Show in Durham NC
Tue 8/5 4pm Private Show in Apex NC
Tue 8/5 6.30pm Pittsboro Roadhouse in Pittsboro NC
Wed 8/6 3pm Private Show in Greensboro NC
Fri 8/8 9pm Mangia Qui Suba in Harrisburg PA
Sat 8/9 2pm Allentown Public Library in Allentown PA
Sat 8/9 9pm Gettysburg Rocks Festival in Gettysburg PA
Sun 8/10 2pm Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester VA
Wed 8/13 8pm Square Root in Brevard NC
Thu 8/14 6pm Calaboose Cellar at Andrews Brewing Company in Andrews NC
Fri 8/15 6.30pm Straightaway Cafe in Black Mountain NC
Sat 8/16 7pm Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company in Sapphire NC
Sun 8/17 12pm The Phoenix in Brevard NC
Wed 8/20 6.30 Harvest Table in Meadowview VA
Thu 8/21 7pm Appalachian Mountain Brewery in Boone NC
Fri 8/22 8pm Quaker Steak & Lube in Concord NC
Sat 8/23 7pm Polliwogs in Columbia SC
Wed 8/27 6pm Iron Horse Station in Hot Springs NC
Thu 8/28 2pm Private Show in High Point NC
Thu 8/29 5pm The Sweet Shop in Greensboro NC
Fri 8/29 10.45am Private Show in High Point NC
Fri 8/29 6pm Early Mountain Vineyards in Madison VA
Sat 8/30 7pm Uptown Coffee in Farmville VA

Wishing you a happy and fulfilled month of August

The Wilhelm Brothers -Chris and Cristof

show time at The Phoenix